"The Furs" Marks of Dignity in the original bearer of arms

 Ermine     Ermines    Erminois       Pean            Vair     Countervair   Potent Counterpotent  Gyron      Fusilly      Fretty      Masculy 

Coat of Arms "Lines and Designs" of Heraldry


   Chief                  Fesse                    Pale                Cross                 Chevron               Bend                Saltier                 Pile

 Bordure             Canton              Barry           Flaunches           Checky           Coupeaux          Dovetailed          Tressure                            

Barry Wavy             Pall               Quarter                Bar                Raguly          Dancetty              Embattled        Indented

Symbolism of Colors for your Coat of Arms:

Silver (Argent)= Purity                                                                                     

Gold (Or)= Generosity

Red (Gules)= Warrior; Military Strength

Blue (Azure)= Symbol of the Soul symbolizing Truth & Loyalty 

Green (Vert)= Hope, Joy & Loyalty in Love

Black (Sable)= Constancy (reliability)                                                        

Purple (Purpure)= Royalty

Orange (Tawyny or Tenne)= Worthy Ambition 

Maroon (Sanguine or Murray)= Patience in battle

Historic Coat of Arms Symbolism of Charges:

Acacia Branch/Leaves = Eternal & Affectionate Remembrance

Acorn = Antiquity & Strength

Agriculture Tools = Labouring in the Earth

Alerion (Eagle without claws/beak) = One injured in battle

Alphyn = Ferocity

Anchor = Hope

Angel = Dignity, Glory & Honour or a Missionary

Annulet (Ring) = Truth & Fidelity

Ant = Great Labour & Wisdom

Antelope (Mythical) = Beware to all beholders (Traditional) = Action, Agility & Sacrifice; A worthy guardian that can be fierce when challenged

Antlers = Strength & Fortitude

Anvil = Honour & Strength, Emblem of the smith's trade

Apple = Felicity & Peace; Temptation

Arm = Industrious Person

Arm in Armour = Leadership Qualities

Arrow = Readiness for Battle

Auk = Supernatural Power

Axe = Execution of Military Duty

Badger = Tenacity & Protection

Bagwyn = Action, Decisiveness & Guardianship

Banners = A Reward for Valiant Service

Bat = Facing of One's Fears, Darkness & Chaos

Baton = Token of Authority

Bay Leaves = Poet or Victor's Laurels

Beacon = One who is Watchful, Signaler of Danger

Bear = Strength, Cunning, Ferocious in Protection of Kin

Beaver = Industry & Perseverance

Bee = Efficient Industry

Bell = Power to disperse Evil Spirits

Berries = Felicity & Peace

Bezant/Besant (Gold Circle) = Worthy of Trust & Treasure

Billet = denotes a man who obtained credence, knowledge and faith in his words and deeds and was secret in his affairs

Bird's Claw = The preyer upon others has been preyed upon

Bittern = Symbol of Stratagem; Bad Luck

Black Bird = Bad Omen, but 2 Black Birds are a good omen

Bloodhound = Representative of the Hunt

Boar = Bravery, Fights to the Death

Boar's Head = Hospitality

Boat = Notable expeditions by sea, by which the bearers became famous. Symbolizes commerce, travel, initiation and warfare

Bomb or Mortar = One who has used this weapon in battle

Bones = Mortality

Book (Open) = Manifestation or (if Closed) = Counsel

Bow = Ready for Battle

Bow & Arrow = War, Power & Ability

Branch or Leaves = Hope & Joy

Brick = One who obtained Credence or Knowledge in his field

Bridge = Governor or Magistrate

Broom Plant = Humility

Buck = Peace & Harmony, Will not fight unless Provoked

Buckle = Victorious Fidelity in Authority

Bull or Buffalo = Valour, Bravery & Generosity

Bull's Horns = Strength & Fortitude

Bustard = Symbolic of the Hunt; Nobility & Grace

Butterfly = Psyche or Soul

Buzzard = Rapacious person, intimidating and persistent

Calopus = Symbol of ferociousness, unyielding in his cunning to achieve advantage over his enemies

Camel = Patience & Perseverance

Candle or Lamp = Light, Life & Spirituality

Cannet or Duck without beak or leags = Subsists by virtue & merit

Cannon/Cannon Balls = One who used this weapon in Battle

Carnation = Admiration, hope & joy

Carpenter's Square = The laws of right and equity

Castle = Granted to one who has faithfully held a castle protected in times of war and symbolizes protection, Castle GATE = Protection in Emergency

Cat = Liberty, Vigilance, Forecast & Courage

Catherine Wheel = Enduring great trials for Faith/Country

Centaur = Eminence in the field of Battle

Chains = Reward for Great Service

Chalice = Faith

Chapeau = Cap of dignity, a badge of high dignity borne by kings

Chaplet = A Mark of Honour, crown of joy and admiration

Cherub = Dignity, Glory & Honour or a Missionary

Chess Rook = One who shielded a leader in war or enterprise; Protection

Chimera = Bravery, Strength and Cunning to achieve victory

Chough (Cornish) = Watchful for friends and kindred; Great Military Strategist

Church = Faith

Cinquefoil = Hope and Joy - Represented various flowers according to color

Clarion = Ready for War

Claw (Bird) = Has been preyed upon

Claw (Bear or Lion) = The bearer of arms only needed to show a glimpse of his strength to the enemy, for this enemy to surmise the wholeness of his ferocity

Clouds = Mystery, Obscured Truth

Club = Guardianship

Cock = Courage, Perseverance; Hero or Able in Politics

Cockatrice = Terror to All Beholders

Collared (Gorged) = Symbolic of High Dignity

Columbine = "The Dove Plant", Courage and Love

Column = Fortitude & Constancy

Comet = Harbinger of invasion & war or remembrance of a great battle

Compass & Square = Symbols of Freemasonry for one who squares their actions by the square of virtue

Cone (Pine) = Emblem of Life

Coney (Old world Rabbit) = Wisdom; One who should never be underestimated

Coot (bird) = One who uses strategy over confrontation to achieve success

Cornucopia = Bounty of Nature's Gifts

Cormorant = Nobility, Fisherman's symbol of a Bountiful Catch

Cow = Symbol of the harvest

Crab=Force & Energy expressed through emotion and imagination

Crane or Stork = Close Parental Bond

Crescent = One enlightened and honored by the Sovereign; mark of 2nd son

Cresset = One who is Watchful, Signals Danger

Crocodile = Fury, Power & Protection

Cross = Faith; Service in the Crusades

Cross (Baptismal) = Greek cross symbolic of rebirth or regeneration

Cross (Cavalry) = Sign of life to come

Cross (Celtic) = Unity of Heaven and Earth

Cross (Crosslet) = Signifies the fourfold mystery of the Cross

Cross (Embattled) = Symbol of the "Church Militant"

Cross (Fitchee) Cross/Sword - Unshakeable Faith

Cross (Fleurette) = Reminder of the Trinity & Resurrection

Cross (Flory) = One who has Conquered

Cross (Formee) = Military Honour

Cross (Jerusalem) = Represents Old Testament law; Crusaders cross

Cross (Malta) = Blessings; badge of knights from Malta

Cross (Moline) = Mutual converse of human society

Cross (Pattee) = Combination of the Christian cross and Wotan's

Cross (Patriarchal) = Ecclesiastical cross, bar represents the inscription

Cross (Pommee) = Represents the Assyrian god Asshur

Cross (Potent) = Symbol of Mesopotamia

Cross (Raguly) = Denotes difficulties encountered

Cross (St. Andrews) = Symbol of humility and suffering

Cross (Tau) = From Greek's letter "T", the Cross of prophecy

Crossbow = Emblem of war and great power

Crow = Strategist in Battle, Watchful for Friends

Crown = Monarchy & Power denoting dignity and accomplishment

Crown of Thorns = Adversity

Cuckoo (King of birds) = Competitive soul; Lover of music

Cup = Office of the King's Butler

Cushions = Authority

Cypress = Death & Eternal Life thereafter

Dagger or Dart = Justice & Military Honour

Deer = Peace/Harmony, 1 who will not fight unless Provoked

Diamond (Fusil) = Travel & Labour

Dice = Equity

Dog = Courage, Vigilance and Loyalty

Dolphin = Swiftness, Diligence, Salvation, Charity & Love

Donkey = Patience & Humility

Dove = Loving Peace; The Holy Spirit

Dove with Olive Branch = Good Tidings

Dragon = Valour & Protection

Drops = One who has endured torrents of liquids in battle - (Black) = Boiling tar, (Blue) = Tears shed in a great battle over lost friend or family, (Green) = Oil for olive oil denoting peace & concord,

(Red)= Bloody conflict, (White) = Water or rain in battle,

(Yellow) = Gold for a generous deed

Drum = Ready for War

Duck = Person of many resources

Eagle = Nobility, person of action; symbol of power & strength

Eagle (Double Headed) = Conjoining of two forces

Eagle without claws/beak (Alerion) = One injured in battle

Eel = Versatility, wisdom, creativity & defense

Elephant (Trunks too) = Strength, Wit, Longevity, Happiness, Royalty, Luck

Elm Tree = Boldness & Fidelity; Wisdom

Enfield = Beast who protected fallen chieftains bodies

Escallop= Traveler to far places/Victorious Naval Commander

Escarbuncle = Supremacy & Dominance

Eye = Providence in Government

Falcon or Hawk = One who won't rest until objective achieved

Falcon's Lure = One fond of the highest pursuits

Fasces = Strength in numbers, Authority & Leadership

Feathers or Plume = Serenity

Fetterlock (manacle) = One who has taken or rescued Prisoners of War

Fife = Ready for War

Finger (pointing) = Direction, Correct Route for Travel

Fire = Zealousness

Fish = True, Generous Mind, Virtuous; Unity with Christ

Flag = Bearer was rewarded for valiant service

Fleur-de-lis (White Lily) = Purity, Light - If through lion/leopard = reward to leaders who served under Edward III during his French wars

Flint Stone = Readiness for zealous service

Flowers = Beauty, Hope & Joy

Fork (pitch or hay) = Laboriousness

Fountain = Mariner's symbol or denotation of one's surname

Fox = One who uses wisdom and wit in his/her defense

Foxtail= Good luck amulet endowing the bearer with fox's cunning

Fret (Fishing Net or True-Lover's knot) = Valiant service in war

Frog = Resurrection or Fertility

Fruit = Felicity & Peace

Gannet = One who has to subsist by virtue and merit

Gauntlet = Armed for the performance of martial enterprise

Gavel = Justice, Legal Authority

Globe = Worldliness, Travel

Goat = One who wins through Politics rather than war

Goldfinch = Protection; Wards off evil

Goose = Resourcefulness

Gorged (Collared) = Symbolic of High Dignity

Grapes = Fertility, Youthfulness & Hospitality; Wine Making

Grasshopper = Nobility & Wisdom

Grenade = Indicates the bearer used this weapon in battle

Greyhound = Majesty, Courage & Loyalty; emblem of nobility

Griffin = Valour & Death-Defying Bravery, Strength & Intelligence

Haddock = Good Fortune & Bountifulness

Hammer = Honour, Emblem of the smith's trade

Hand = Pledge of faith, sincerity and justice

Hand (Red) = Mark of a Baronet

Hands Joined = Union & Alliance

Hare = One who enjoys a peaceable & retired life

Harp = Tempered judgment; Bridge between Heaven & Earth

Harpy = Ferocity under provocation

Hawk or Falcon = One who won't rest until objective achieved

Hawks' Lures = Hunter or in Falconry

Hazel Tree = Knowledge, Wisdom & Poetic Inspiration

Head (Human) = Honour - If of a Moor it refers to deeds

in prowess during the Crusades

Heart (Human) = Charity & Sincerity

Heart (Human, Flaming) = Intense, burning affection

Hedgehog = Provident Provider

Helmet = Wisdom, Security in defense; Strength, invulnerable

Heron = Contemplation, Vigilance, Divine Wisdom & Inner Quietness

Holly = Symbol of Truth

Hook (fish hook) = One who despite not knowing his enemy's strength will venture forth with confidence

Horns = Strength & Fortitude

Horse = Readiness for all employments for King & Country

Horseshoe = Good Luck, Safeguard against evil spirits

Hourglass = Mortality, Flight of time

Hunting Horn = One who is fond of the chase of high pursuits

Hydra = Conquest of a very powerful enemy

Ibex = Symbol of Healing; Nobility (only nobles could hunt them)

Inescutcheon = Coat of Arms of the bearer's wife's family added to his

Inkhorn/Inkwell = Art of Writing; Educated employment

Ivy Leaves = Strong and Lasting Friendship; Protection and Healing

Jackdaw = Symbol of Luck & Loyal Friendship

Juniper = Protection against thieves; Symbol of a Healer

Keys = Guardianship and Dominion

Kingfisher = Peace & Prosperity

Knight = Prowess in the field of battle; Dependable beyond doubt

Ladder = One who was fearless in attacking; One who stood guard

Lamb = Gentleness and Patience under suffering

Lamb with Staff or Cross = Faith; Innocence, Bravery, Purity

Lamp or Lantern = Light, Life & Spirituality

Lance or Javelin = Emblem of knightly service

Lantern = Watchful, Cautious; Great navigator of tormented seas

Lapwing (Pewit) = One who protects the young

Lark = Hope, Happiness, Good Fortune & Creativity

Laurel Leaves = Peace and/or Triumph

Leg = Strength, Stability & Expedition

Leopard = Brave and Generous Warriors who performed a bold enterprise

Letters = Represents great battles or tournaments beginning

with that particular letter

Level = Equity and upright action; Virtuous person

Lightning Bolt = Destruction of Ignorance

Lily = Purity, Chastity & Innocence

Lime or Linden tree = Life, Vitality & Energy; Resurrection

Lion = Dauntless Courage, Majesty, Strength & Justice

Lizard = Safety and Welfare

Lobster = Tenaciousness & Regeneration

Lock = Security & Protection

Lotus Flower = Purity, Virtue & Honesty

Lozenge = Token of a noble birth - When hollowed out = Persuasive

Lynx = Stealth & Cunning; Vigilance & Alertness

Lyre = Contemplation; Tempered Judgment

Magpie = Luck, Good Omen

Maiden = Purity & Redemption; Virtue

Marigold = Devotion & Piety

Martlet = Subsists by Virtue & Merit

Matches = One who has dared terror in Battle

Merle (Merlette or Blackbird) = Symbol of Temptation

Mermaid = Eloquence

Mew (Sea gull) = Hope

Millstone(Mill-pick, Millrind) = Mutual converse of human society

Mirror = Reflection of the Soul

Mole = Efficiency & Protection

Monkey = Agility, Cunning, Satire & Wisdom

Moon = Serene power over mundane actions

Moor = Honour of taking a Moor's head in the Crusades

Mortar or Mortar Piece = One who has used this in Battle

Mount/Mountain = Permanence & Enlightenment

Mulberries = Felicity & Peace

Mule = Borne by abbots who have pastoral jurisdiction

Mullet = Divine Quality bestowed from Above

Mushroom = Good Fortune; Immortality

Musical Pipes = Festivity & Rejoicing

Narcissus(Flower with 6 petals)=Vanity, Arrogance, Confidence, self-reliance

Nest = Security & Safety

Nets (Frets) = Valiant service to their sovereign in a great war or battle

Nightingale = Love, Righteousness, Poetry & Education

Nuthatch = Good provider, emblem of family values

Oak garb/sheaf = The harvest of one's hopes has been secured

Oak Tree (Bush/Acorns/Leaves) = Virtue, Strength & Resiliency

Oar = Power, Skill & Knowledge; Granted for successful enterprises at sea

Olive Tree/Branch/Leaves = Peace, Merit & Victory

Osprey = Fisherman's totem; symbol of abundance

Ostrich = Serenity & Meditation

Otter = One who lives life to the fullest

Owl = One who is vigilant, prudent & of acute wit

Ox = Valour & Generosity

Palm Branch = Victory, Justice and Royal Honour

Palm Tree = Righteousness & Resurrection

Panther = Fierce but tender, Defends children with their life

Parchment or Scroll = Scholarly achievement

Parrot (Popinjay) = Wisdom & Good Counsel

Passion Nails = Token of poignant suffering undergone by

the bearer of arms

Pavilion = Ready for Battle

Paw (animal)=The bearer only needed to show a glimpse of his strength to the enemy, for the enemy to surmise the wholeness of his ferocity

Peacock = Power, Beauty & Knowledge

Pears = Felicity & Peace

Pegasus = Poetic Genius & Inspiration; Vision & Refinement

Pelican = Self-sacrifice & charitable nature

Pen = Art of writing and educated employment

Pheasant = An alert person of many resources

Pigeon = Virtuousness, Peace & Wisdom; symbol of a Mariner

Phoenix = Symbol of resurrection

Pig = Fertility

Pillar = Fortitude

Pincers = Honour, emblem of the smith's trade

Pine = Immortality, Rebirth - JUST Cone= Immortality & Fertility

Pineapple = Elite social standing & Hospitality

Pipes = Festivity & Rejoicing

Plow = Laboring in the Earth

Plume of Feathers = Serenity of the Mind

Pomegranate Fruit = Fertility & Abundance

Poppy (red quatrefoil) = Hope & Joy

Porcupine = Invincibility

Pot = Charity

Puffin (Sea-Parrot) = Consummate provider; Symbol of family

Pyramid = Duration & Longevity

Quail = Courage & Victory

Quatrefoil (Primrose) = Bearer of good tidings

Rabbit = One who enjoys a peaceable & retired life

Rainbow = Hope

Ram = Leadership & Authority

Rat = Industry & Prosperity for its ability for locating & acquiring food

Raven = Protection & Prophecy

Reindeer = Persistence & Resoluteness; Viking's symbol of status

Rhinoceros = Tenacity, Vigor & Unpredictability

Ring (Annulet) = Fidelity

Robin = Domestic peace & tranquility; Mariners bird of hope

Rock = Safety and Protection; Refuge

Rose (Red= Grace & Beauty; House of Lancaster Henry IV, V)

(White = Love & Faith; Badge of Richard Duke of York & son Edward IV)

Rosemary = Fidelity in Love


Black= Cannon Ball

White(plate) = Generosity 

Blue= Wounded or Whortleberry

Gold= Treasure

Green or Pomme(Apple) = Peace

Purple or Golpe= Wounded

Red or Torteau= Communion Wafer or Manchet Cake

Orange or Tawney= Tennis-ball

Ruff = Warrior; Bearer will fight to get what he wants

Sabre = Justice & Honour

Saddle = Prepared for Battle

Salamander = Protection

Salmon = Betoken on one of wisdom & knowledge

Savage or Saracen = Service in the Crusades

Scales = Justice

Sceptre = Emblem of Justice

Scorpion = Wisdom & also Self-Destruction; emblem of resurrection

Scythe or Sickle = Hope of a Fruitful Harvest

Sea Horse = Power of the Water

Seal or Sea Lion = Dauntless Courage at Sea

Seraphim = Dignity, Glory & Honour

Serpent, Snake, Lizard = Wisdom & Cunning

Shacklebolt = Victory; Rescued Prisoners

Shamrock (Trefoil) = Perpetuity

Shark = Persistence & Perseverance

Shield = Defender

Ship = Ancient Sea Voyages

Ship Dismasted = Disaster at Sea

Skull = Mortality, Fear & Intimidation

Snail = Deliberation and Perseverance

Snake = Wisdom

Spaniel = Symbol of the hunt; Loyalty, Integrity & Trustworthiness

Sparrow = Symbol of Aphrodite; Beauty, Love & Pleasure

Spear = Honorable Warrior, Valiant Knight, Spear-Heads = Ready for Battle

Sphinx = Omniscience and Secrecy

Spider = Wisdom, Labor & Prudence

Spur = Preparedness for active service; Pressing onward

Square = Constancy

Squirrel = Lover of the Woods

Stag=One who will not fight unless provoked; Peace/Harmony

Stag's Antlers = Strength & Fortitude

Star = Noble Person, Celestial goodness, Star of 5 points (Mullet) = Divine quality from above

Steel = Readiness for zealous service

Stirrup = Preparedness for active service

Stool = Hospitality

Stork = Filial duty; close parental bond, IF holding a rock then it means Vigilance

Strawberries (Frasier-Fraises) = Symbol of a Wanderer

Sturgeon = Longevity, Permanence & Stability

Sun = Glory & Splendour, Fountain of life

Swallow = Prompt and ready in doing business; bringer of good news

Swan = Poetic harmony and learning, light, love, grace, sincerity & perfection

Sword = Power, Protection, Authority, Strength & Courage

Table = Hospitality

Tails = Amulet of good fortune; Bearer would have characteristics of the animal

Tent = Readiness for Battle

Thrush = Songbird symbolic of solitude & poetry

Tiger = Fierceness & Valour; Dangerous if Aroused

Tomb-Stone = Inspiration, Bereavement; Mortality

Torch = Life; zealousness; truth & intelligence

Tortoise = Invulnerability to Attack

Tower = Safety & Grandeur

Tree = Life,  Tree Trunk/Stump/Branch = New life sprouting from the old

Trefoil = Perpetuity

Trestle = Hospitality

Trident = Maritime dominion

Trumpet = Ready for War

Unicorn = Extreme Courage, Virtue & Strength

Vase or Vessel = Openness & Validity

Vine = Promise & Bounty; Lasting Friendship

Vulture = Purification & Maternity

Water Bouget = One who carried water to an army or besieged place in need

Weasel = Boldness & Resoluteness; Spiritual Warriors

Well = Generation, Purification & the Matrix of Life

Whale = Righteousness, Repentance & Majesty

Wheat Garb or Sheaf = The harvest of one's hopes have been secured

Wheat-Ears = Faithful

Wheel = Fortune; Cycle of life

Wings = Swiftness & Protection

Wolf = Reward from perseverance in long sieges and/or hard industry

Woodbine Leaves = Love that does not injure that which it clings to

Wreath = Triumph

Wren = Freedom

Wyvern = Valour & Protection

Yew = Eternal Life after Death