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  • Conjugal Coat of Arms with History

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    Conjugal arms combines the separate shields from two families. This is a practice that dates back to the beginning of heraldry with royal weddings.

    These 11" x 17" prints are perfect for any Wedding or Anniversary gift.  Printed on our thick stock golden parchment that gives off a genuine authenticity.  As an added bonus, we include the history/origin story of each last name on every print.

    First names and wedding/anniversary date can be added at no additional cost. We also let you choose each family's coat of arms supporter (shown in the example as a lion and dragon).

    Add two symbolism reports, one for each name, printed on separate 8.5" x 11" parchment papers.  These descriptive reports will bring out the hidden meaning behind each color, line and symbol on your family's coat of arms for just $5 more!

    We ship all prints in a quality art stay-flat mailer via priority mail within two weeks of your order being placed.  We also provide you with updated tracking information.